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4 Netflix Hidden-Gems for Spring

My roommate, Emma, and I love trying out new shows and movies on Netflix. I know that's pretty normal millennial behavior, but we always seem to find hidden gems that we are desperate to share with the world. As with all true artistic masterpieces, it can be difficult to fully express in words how incredible a show or movie truly is. Sometimes you need to simply watch and see for yourself.

As winter turns into spring, I'm guessing you're looking for those shows that are going to boost your spirits & open your heart (hint: these are all romantic in some way, sorry-not-sorry). Here are 2 shows and 2 movies perfect for your spring watching needs.

1. Airnori Asian Journey

If subtitles aren't your thing, you may want to skip these first two suggestions. But if you can deal with a little reading with your binge-watch, then you have to watch this show. It's a Japanese tv show that follows 4 boys & 3 girls who travel through Asia in a "lovewagon" as they try to find love. If you like dating reality shows like The Bachelor, you'd love it, but even if that's not the show you'd typically watch, rest assured that there's so much more to be found in this show.

There's episodes documenting cultural differences between different countries, and even one dedicated to an amazing humanitarian organization. It feels like friendship takes a front seat, and love can develop naturally over time without the pressure imposed on contestants in shows like The Bachelor. The love connections look and feel genuine. On top of all of that, the hosts' commentaries are hysterical and insightful only adding to the fun.

I would give this show an absolute 10/10, and I'm certain you'll love it too.

2. Plan Coeur (The Hookup Plan)

It's not an exaggeration to say this show changed my life. I think Emma would agree. I kid you not, pretty much the day after we finished binge watching this show, we started it again from the beginning to watch it again. It's THAT life-changing.

It's a French show set in Paris that follows 3 female friends. Two of these friends are worried about the other one, Elsa, because she's been unable to get over her ex. They come up with an...interesting plan to help her get over the breakup, and you just have to see it to believe the rest. This show has everything. It's a perfect look at friendship. It also showcases not one, not two, but THREE swoon-worthy love stories unfolding in their own unique ways. It's also somehow about family dynamics, cheating exes, and figuring out your life in your 20s. It has EVERYTHING. Lots of all-caps in this post because I'm very passionate about this show. There's laughs, there's tears, there's incredible music that you'll be jamming to in your car for weeks after.

I'm literally begging here, watch this show so we can be blessed with many more seasons of this little nugget of pure gold. Pro-tip: Watch it in the original French with English subtitles. You're not going to want to miss the voices & acting skills by the leads in this show. And feel free to message me as soon as you finish this show and you need to talk about allllllll the feelings. I'll be there for you.

3. When We First Met

This one may not be a hidden gem like the other two, but it definitely didn't get the attention of other recent Netflix rom-coms like Set it Up and To All The Boys I've Loved Before. It's also in English for all you uncultured individuals (kidding), and a movie, making it a little different from the other two I've listed so far.

It's a pretty classic rom-com with some big "what-if" questions playing out on the screen. Kind of like It's A Wonderful Life, but instead of never being born, this film explores what would've happened if the leading man had ended up with girl of his dreams instead of totally bombing the night they first met. It's a classic feel-good rom-com without many surprises, in a good way. It's perfect for a night in when you just want to feel warm and fuzzy inside.

4. Meet the Patels

I didn't know what to expect the first time I put this movie on, but I couldn't have predicted how quickly I'd fall in love with the Patel family. After watching this documentary once, I could watch it over and over again (and I have) and feel the same way.

If you liked the themes explored in the hit film The Big Sick, I think you'll love this real-life documentary as well. It follows Ravi Patel as he tries to balance his American upbringing with his parents' traditional Indian views. Even if you can't exactly relate to that struggle, I think we can all relate to family dynamics and trying to balance who we are with our family's expectations of us. It's a love story, too, but it's mostly about family and culture.

To this day, I think about this movie and this family a lot. I think you should absolutely take a couple hours to meet the Patels.

Those are my four picks to usher in spring in your heart and in your Netflix browsing history. What's your favorite hidden gem that you want to share with the world? Leave a comment and let me know!

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