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Love Will Find a Way

Unseasonably warm weather visited Cleveland a few Sundays ago, and I was first in line to enjoy every second of it. With my windows down (well, the one window that still works!) and radio blasting I felt in the mood for a good day.

Then, after pressing shuffle on my ‘Happy Feels’ playlist, the first song to pop up was “Love Will Find a Way” by Michael Franti. It fit the mood perfectly.

But after listening to this song a few times on repeat (it’s really that good, so you should click that link and listen to it before proceeding any further), I began to reflect on my life.

The lyrics are inspiring, to say the least. The words feel like things you might find yourself saying in church, or on a mountain top, or at a peak moment in your life.

For a preview:

When you’re feeling like you can’t go on – Love will find a way And through the clouds and smoke and guns and bombs – Love will find a way And when the whole world falls on their knees to pray that love will win today Just keep holding on, holding on – cause love will find a way.

Funnily enough, they also feel like words you might find yourself saying in the valleys and alleys and dark moments of your life. Sometimes when I sing these lyrics I’m shouting them, belting them out like the hallelujah chorus full of joy. And sometimes I’m ship-wrecked, grasping them, white-knuckled, holding on to a promise that love will find its way through.

Looking back on the past year of my life, it is easy for me to see that it has been one filled with challenges, struggles, and heartaches like I’ve never experienced before. It brought me change and transitions, grief and loss, and levels of vulnerability that I never thought myself capable of.

And through all that, love found a way. It really did.

Here’s what living through hard times teaches you what everyone else already knows: In times of trouble, love really does find a way to break through. In hospital rooms and funerals and in all the places you’d never expect to find it – love with find a way. And through tears and trials and headaches and heartbreaks – love overwhelmingly, consistently floods in.

Sarah Bessey likes to say, “Leaonard Cohen writes that there is a crack in everything–that’s how the light gets in. And hallelujah, I also think it’s how the light gets out.”


Through the cracks of our broken lives, love really does find its way in and out (somehow, some way).  I wish I had words to explain it, but I don’t. All we can do is point to the many ways this is true.

All I can say is, next time you feel broken, take a look through the cracks and I’m sure you’ll see the love that is finding its way through.

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