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#SuccessTip: Don't Skip Monday

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

We love to hate Mondays, don't we?

Mondays get a bad rap, and honestly they probably deserve it. The weekend is over, you have to get up early again and go to work again. Even when you love your job or school, you probably get a little bit of that icky feeling on Monday mornings.

This hatred of Mondays has spread so far that it has even begun to taint the reputation of Sunday as well. I've been seeing many people hashtag the #SundayScaries all over social media. If you don't know - it's the dreadful feeling you get Sunday night just from thinking about Monday morning.

It's a problem.

I love to hate Monday as much as the rest of you, but lately I've been trying to take that hatred and use it as a motivator.

The other day, I saw a motivational quote on Pinterest that simply said the following:

I've since discovered that this is a pretty common principle in the health & fitness community. Don't skip Monday. And seriously, somehow, this little piece of wisdom was more motivational to me that the most articulate motivational quotes and speeches and gifs have ever been.

I don't know about you, but my Mondays after work usually look like me coming home, plopping myself on the couch, and convincing my roommate to order takeout and binge something on Netflix. Very lame.

After seeing this post, I realized that my Mondays were setting the tone for the entire week. Think about it, if I can convince myself to go to the gym, write, read a book, eat a healthy meal on MONDAY of all days, I really run out of excuses for the rest of the week.

Seriously, you guys, I've only been thinking this way for a few Mondays now, but it really does change things. When I go to the gym on Monday, it's so much easier to go Tuesday and Wednesday and so on. When I refuse to open DoorDash and instead cook some veggies for dinner, it's a lot easier to keep doing it. And when I take time to do things I love like writing, I find myself doing them over and over again throughout the week.

So it's basic. And it's not even my original idea. It's just something I've found useful in completely changing my life. Don't skip Mondays.

Let me know in the comments - what motivates you on Mondays?

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