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When Life Gives You Random Littles Stresses

I haven't written a new post in more than two weeks. Just when I felt like I could officially pat my back for getting the hang of this whole blogging thing --- my life instantly became hectic + time started slipping through my fingers + here we are.

I started a new job almost 2 weeks ago, and even though it's a job I truly love, starting something new always comes with a learning curve. And while I love doing fun things on the weekends, I've had three weekends in a row jam-packed with fun. For this extreme introvert, something was bound to slip. Something did slip: My writing.

The thing I love the most, one of my life's greatest passions, was swept to the side.

Tonight, I even intentionally decided to have a more relaxed evening. I daydreamed about the dinner I was going to cook for myself, and the things I could get done tonight. The problem is, I don't typically cook with a recipe and tonight was no exception. My ideas failed miserably, my dinner was burnt and tasted horrible, and I ordered tacos to-go (which still haven't arrived as I'm writing this).

With all of these things adding up, I ended today feeling totally overwhelmed.

Maybe you've been there before?

Sometimes it feels like everything is going just slightly wrong. Nothing bad is happening, your life is generally fine, but at the same time it's like everything is coming at you at once.

I have recurring nightmares about this, seriously. You know the one where you're at work and you know you have 1,000 tasks to complete, and you also know you'll never be able to complete them in time. Or when I was in school, I would wake up in the middle of the night panicking over all the assignments I needed to complete by morning.

Here's the thing about those pesky old nightmares: In the morning, I never could remember what it was I was worrying about.

Often, these little, everyday worries consume so much of our lives. We neglect friendships, passions, self-care, family --- all to placate our worries. How easy is it to console ourselves with Netflix & ice cream when life feels a little stressful.

Much like my nightmares, these worries that carry us from day to day aren't anything we'll remember a year from now. Perhaps you won't even remember them next week, or tomorrow.

You will remember that amazing conversation you had with your friend. You will remember the art you were able to create. You will remember time spent with your family.

I don't have the answers to this problem. As I've spent a great deal of time in this article explaining, I often allow the little things to overwhelm me. But I think I should be better about it, and that's what I'm trying to do tonight.

Taking a deep breath, ordering some tacos, and sitting down to write again for the first time in too long. Spending time with my boyfriend and best friend. Going to bed early and enjoying some time alone. Answering a phone call from a friend.

That's the stuff I'm focusing on tonight, and you know what? My life seems a little bit calmer, a little bit more ordered, and really, really lovely.

All of this to say, if you're feeling like everything's a little crazy right now --- you're not alone. But still, take the time to take care of yourself and do the things you love.

As for me: I'm going to be back to your regularly scheduled blogging starting now. Enjoy.

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