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My name is Emily Rojas, nice to meet you. You should know, I'm not a big hugger, but how about a virtual handshake? 

I'm an Atlanta-native currently located in Chattanooga, TN. I like food and books and traveling. I'm passionate about saving the planet, but mostly pessimistic about its future, and Jane Goodall. I don't like sour cream or the part in movies when everything starts going wrong. 

You'll like this blog if you like book recommendations, The Popcast, crying on holidays, romantic comedies and/or a vague sense of melancholy. 

I'm using a picture from my wedding day here because, well, let's be honest it's the best I've ever looked and I'm trying to put my best foot forward here. 

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Favorites + More About Me

These are a few of my favorite things...

The best meal I ever had...

This is an easy one. The best meal I've ever eaten was at Dishoom in London. To be fair, I had just finished watching a live performance of Les Miserables for the first time, so the adrenaline was flowing, but this meal was absolutely astounding. I still dream about it. 

Favorite Concert

I am a Dawes fanatic and if you've never heard of Dawes, exit my site right now and go stream A Little Bit of Everything or Moon in the Water or Between the Zero and the One right now. Anyways, I've seen them live like 8 times now, but each time is a different, wonderful experience. But a few years ago I saw them at a beer + food festival in the mountains of North Carolina with a small, but equally dedicated, group of fellow fans. The weather, the venue, the vibes were all perfect, and afterwards we got to meet lead singer Taylor Goldsmith. While I live by the rule, "Don't meet your heroes," I made an exception to shake his hand and say absolutely nothing because I live in constant dread of social situations, but it was glorious. Dawes puts on such a good show that I once bribed my good friend Abigail into going to their concert with me and, without having ever heard them before, she became an instant fan and has since accompanied me to several more of their shows. Here I am, waxing poetic about Dawes again, but they're just that good.

Favorite Books

This is a much harder question. In general, I love fast-paced mysteries or extremely fluffy rom-coms. Give me a twist ending or an extremely predictable trope and I will be happy (a lesson to learn sooner rather than later here: I am full of contradictions). Here's a link to my five-star reads, though, some of my favorites are there.

What's your enneagram type?

Whenever someone asks me this question, I give them the answer, and (if they know anything about the enneagram) they usually respond with some variation of, "Ah. Makes sense." It just happens too often to be a coincidence. Okay so, I'm a 4w5 on the enneagram. According to this website, that means, "An enneagram 4w5 may be described as someone who has artistic or romantic pursuits of some kind but who also wants to know many things. An enneagram 4w5 is likely to be very introverted but very curious and sentimental at the same time." 

The enneagram was a revolutionary tool for me when I first discovered it. I was listening to a podcast explaining the enneagram types, minding my business, and suddenly found myself in tears when I heard about 4s. I felt so understood and seen in that moment, and the more I've learned the more that feeling has existed in my life. It's not for everyone, and that's fine, but I think it is a great tool for growth and development for many people. It helped me find words to describe the constant internal divide between thoughts and feelings, and much more. 

Love Story

I reference Erick a lot on this blog, so I wanted to share more about us! 

This is my husband, Erick, pictured here. We met when we were in elementary school because we were taking piano lessons from the same teacher and attending the same church.


At first, we hated each other and competed to be better than the other at piano. But eventually, we became really good friends and started dating, and now we're married. 

You can read more about our love story in these blog posts: 



I would genuinely love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out.

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