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The First Day of Spring & Lessons on Balance

Today marks the glorious, long awaited first day of Spring. Another word for this is the Vernal Equinox which sounds fancy and is generally more fun to talk about.

When I was growing up, almost every year my Dad and I would religiously wait for this day. Not just because we love spring + warmth (we do), but also because of the magical, mystical balancing act you can do on this special day.

If you don't know about this, prepare to have your mind blown. On this day, once a year, you can balance an egg on its head and it will stand up straight, perfectly balanced.

Seriously - an egg! Balanced!

I don't remember the first time my Dad ever showed this to me, but I do know that every year I get pictures texted to me of eggs balanced on their heads, and every year I try to do it myself. It's a weird sight, but it never fails to amaze me.

On this day of the year, the Earth is completely balanced on its axis creating the perfect atmosphere for eggs to balance, and maybe for all of us to balance out too.

I'm not so great with the balancing act myself. I'm not a fan of routine, and my desire for constant change can often throw my balance out of wack.

I think this is because I think of balance in terms of opposing extremes. I eat a salad for lunch, so it's okay to have an entire pint of ice cream for dinner. I cleaned my entire apartment yesterday so I can do absolutely nothing productive today. And so the ups and downs average out to something called balance, even though I rarely find myself resting at an in-between.

The Vernal Equinox reminds me that balance is less about extremes cancelling each other out and more about coming back to center to rest. The Earth is perfectly balanced as it turns from winter to spring gradually, day by day. And we get this tiny every day miracle of a balanced egg right on its head.

Happy first day of spring, friends. Enjoy the warmth that's on its way & send me lots of pictures of your eggs! But also try to take a few moments of rest to keep yourself in line with the Earth & its day of mystical balance.

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