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Binge-Watch Your Way Through Winter

Hello, friends.

I'm back and beyond ready for my favorite consistent segment on this blog: recommending Netflix treasures!

I have to give you some heart-warming nuggets this month because man, it is cold outside. This morning when I got in my car the thermostat said 22!! This weather is so aggressive.

I'm entering this cold weather recovering from a little sickness and more than willing to spend hours watching Netflix so you don't have to. Stick with me, and you'll skip straight to the good stuff that will be sure to carry you through this coldness.

1. Como Caído del Cielo

Goodness, it's been a long time since a movie has made me feel things like this one did. Our story begins in a sort of purgatory with famed Mexican singer Pedro Infante begging for his chance to make it into Heaven. He's told that while his music and legacy touched too many lives to send him to the bad place, he was also too much of a womanizer to make it into Heaven. This has left him stuck in this in-between place without much hope of ever getting out.

After much convincing, Pedro is allowed a second chance. He's allowed to go back to earth in the body of a man who impersonated him to try to live a better life. He's given few weeks to try to fix the impersonator's life and live a better one to determine which place he'll go to.

This movie has everything. It's a love story. It's about family and legacies, and how we remember those we've lost. It's about making amends. And music, of course, music.

In the movie, Pedro befriends his real-life granddaughter who is struggling to forgive the womanizing ways of her late grandfather. He tells her, "Take the best of your grandfather, and let the rest go." It's incredibly moving.

At the end of this movie, I was crying! It was beautiful, heart-warming, heart-breaking. Go ahead and watch it and experience the feels for yourself.

2. The Circle

This is an easy show to binge, because the episodes are relatively short and the season isn't incredibly long. It's a reality TV show where contestants are isolated in individual apartments, communicating only through an "app" called The Circle. It's Big Brother meets Survivor with the twist that the contestants never meet. You can be anyone you want in The Circle, or you can play as yourself, the only goal is to become the most popular player and ultimately win. Each week, contestants rank players in order of most to least favorite, and the highest ranked contestants become "Influencers". Influencers have the power to eliminate players, and in the end, the highest ranked player wins the whole thing.

It's a basic reality competition show, but the magic of this season, I think, is that pretty much all of the contestants are incredibly likable. This show made me laugh out loud frequently, it shocked me a few times, and it was just mostly fun to watch. If you like a little competition, this is for you.

3. You, Season 2

I get the feeling most people have already binged their way through You seasons one and two, but here I am to recommend it anyways. At the end of the first season, I loved the show, but found myself wondering, how can they follow this up without just doing more of the same? I didn't know how or if they'd be able to make season 2 interesting, and worried it would be the same story just in a different setting.

At first, it might seem that way, but You season 2 defies those expectations and delivers a compelling storyline that left me on the edge of my seat through the very last second. Fair warning, if you're not into suspense, this may not be for you.

Honorary Mention: Ainori African Journey

I've mentioned this so many times before, I know I'm beating a dead horse. But, a new season of Ainori is premiering on Netflix on January 30, so now's your time to get in and watch a show that will change your life forever (dramatic? maybe.)

That's it for this month's contribution to help you binge your heart out, especially when it's so cold you can't bear to do anything else. Leave a comment and let me know what you're watching this month!

As always, if you like what you're seeing, you can follow me on Instagram, like me on Facebook, and subscribe to my newsletter for more content goodness like this.

Until next time.


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